RAFAC-CAP HF Radio Exercise

Marconi is recognised for proving that radio waves could span continents when, on 2nd December 1901, the letter “S”, transmitted in Morse Code from Poldhu in Cornwall, was heard at Signal Hill near St John’s in Newfoundland.

It was not until 10th January 1906 that the first transatlantic radio telephony transmission took place.

Reginald Fessenden set up radio stations at Brant Rock, Massachusetts USA and Machrihanish Scotland and regularly exchanged voice messages across the Atlantic from that date into early summer on frequencies in the 80-100 KHz band.

To Mark the Centenary of the event, on Friday the 14th of April 2006 a party of RAF Air Cadets set up an HF Radio station on the site of the Fessenden radio tower near the former RAF Station at Machrihanish in Scotland. Across the ‘Pond’ Cadets from the US Civil Air Patrol (CAP) set up a similar HF Station at the Brant Rock Massachusetts.

Their Fessenden 100 Radio contact on this day the marked the beginning of an Annual RAF Air Cadet – Civil Air Patrol HF Radio Exercise.

CIVIL AIR PATROL –  RAFAC 80 proposed HF Radio Exercise.

Details of 2021 Exercise TBA

NETCOM QRPX Low Power HF Competition

United States Low Power HF Radio Exercise.

Details of 2021 Exercise TBA

NOBLE SKYWAVE 2021 Canadian Signals HF Radio Exercise.

Since 2013, the Canadian Communications and Electronics branch has brought hundreds of teams from dozens of Nations together to test, strengthen expertise and compete in a friendly atmosphere to what is now known as the most Prestigious military led HF competition in the world: Noble Skywave.

Noble Skywave acquired its “letters of nobility” through highly skilled and proud participating teams which are either HAM/CFARS/MARS or Military Radio Operators around the globe. As the Leading Nation for this event, the Canadian Armed Forces are committed to provide the best possible training experience to all participants and to crown the best HF Radio Operators in the world.

Details of 2021 Exercise TBA