Air Cadet Rendezvous – RAF 100 Special Event

3rd November until 11th November.

The call sign will be operated and managed by the RAF HALTON RADIO SOCIETY, G1RAF

There will be a dual approach this year allowing Amateur Radio Licensed Cadets, Staff and Squadrons without access to the Amateur Bands to take part by using their Air cadet Callsign on the joint Amateur/Cadet 5MHz frequencies.


Squadrons parade nights.

For ATC Squadrons with 5MHz capability, the ‘GB 100 RAF’ call sign will be operating on 5Mhz during the period 1930-2000H local on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Evenings.

Units will be able to call the special event station using their Air Cadet unit call sign.

5403.5 Khz (5.4035 MHz) is the preferred frequency.

QSL cards will be issued.

More information and guidance can be found about Amateur Radio 5 MHz Experiment Frequencies on Sharepoint. (Radio Folder in HQ Sub Sites)


Cadets and staff that hold Amateur Radio licenses.

The station GB100RAF will be operational predominantly on 40 and 80 Metres adjacent to the RAFARS net channels 3.515-3.710 and 7.015-7.045 during the day and evenings.

It is intended to run a data station the frequency will be announced on the net frequency, this will be running on HF using the FT8 mode.

Cadet operators and staff can visit RAF Halton Station during the first weekend to enable them to operate GB100RAF.

Participation certificates will be issued to operators at the RAF Halton Site.


The 5 Mhz frequencies are not available to foundation and Intermediate licence holders using their own Amateur call signs.



Personnel wishing to come to Halton to operate the Special Station should contact the Corps Amateur Radio Adviser on the email below.

Updated details will be published on BADER as and when required

Contact: email