This is the information page for the Worked Air-cadet Stations Project.

The aim of WASP is: To encourage AIR CADET operator participation on the HF radio networks.

This is being done by awarding Bronze, Silver or Gold WASP Certificates for successfully working a number of Cadet HF stations as part of radio operator training.To participate in WASP, details are recorded on a WASP LOG SHEET down loadable from BADER SHAREPOINT. (ACO Documents Library /Activities / Training / Radio).
Radio messages sent and received must have training value and should be in the form of CODEX, Coded Met Report, Sitrep Romeo or Drill Message. Voice and Data modes may be used.
If available the WASP Number of the station worked should be recorded on the log sheet.When an individual Cadet operator has logged 5 contacts a copy of the WASP Log Sheet should be forwarded by e-mail to the WASP Manager.
The WASP Manager will arrange the issue of a Bronze WASP Certificate. The WASP Log Sheet may be continued and copies e-mailed as above when 10 and 15 contacts are recorded. Silver or Gold WASP certificates will be awarded at these stages.
Units operating or proposing to establish an HF Station on the Air Cadet HF Network should check the Unit details in the ACO Callsign List (ACO Documents Library / Activities / Training / Radio)
Units not allocated a WASP number, are should contact the WASP Manager.

For additional information or with problems please contact the WASP Manager, radio.sni on the Bader email system.