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LaSER Radio Communications News

Air Cadet Foundation Licence Course

Over the weekend of 23 to 25 March 2018 an Air cadet Radio Foundation Course was run at the Region Activity Centre at Crowborough Training Camp. All the Cadets taking the Course achieved a pass and can now apply for the Amateur Radio Foundation Licence.

Blue Ham 17 & 18 March 2018

The Region took part in the National Air Cadet Radio Exercise Blue Ham. However, some Stations could not take part due to Yellow Weather warnings for snow being in place all over the Region.

The planned Air Cadet Foundation Course which was due to be held at the RAC at RAF Halton had to be postponed due to the weather warnings. It is hoped to be able to run this next month. The Blue Ham Radio Station which should have been on Air during the course could not operate due to the circumstances.


On the Saturday the Essex Wing Station was on the Air making 36 contacts. They were on the Air again on Sunday. In addition they had two other Stations on in the County. Luckily the conditions on Sunday were a lot better than the previous day.

Regional Activity Centre Radio Courses

Updates on Region Radio Courses are as follows:


  • Communicator Voice operating Procedures, the compulsory module for the Silver Badge. 25 to 27 August 2017.
  • Air Cadet Amateur Radio Foundation Licence training and exam 2 to 24 September 2017.

Further information on these courses from Sussex Wing Radio Officer

RAF Halton

The following courses are being planned:

  • Communications Specialist, Selection weekend 15 to 17 September 2017 for Gold Badge Training. Candidates must have a Silver Communicator Badge and preferably be 16 or over.
  • Technical Skills and Deployed Radio weekends for the successful candidates of the Selection weekend are being scheduled two further weekends. These weekends will be chosen from these dates: 13 to 15 October, 17 to 19 November and 8 to 10 December 2017.

A warning notice will be issued shortly. Further information may be obtained from the RAC Co-ordinator.


More information on the Communicator Badges can be found on the Alphacharlie web site, the virtual home of radio communications within the RAF Air Cadets.

Bronze Radio Course-Sunday 13 August 2017

Another Bronze Radio Course was held at the HQ of 1381(West Drayton) Squadron. The course consisted of 18 Students with 3 Instructors learning the ropes ready for being approved as Blue Radio Badge Assessors. The Middlesex Wing Radio Officer was the lead instructor with the trainees assisting. The LaSER Region Radio and Communications Officer was in attendance and gave assistance when it was required. He also took the opportunity to have a close look at the radio aerials and mast on site with the aim of making improvements. A few issue were identified and step will be taken to rectify and improve the system.

All the Cadets passed the Course and all obtained good scores in the written exam. One Cadet had been recourse from a previous course but passed with flying colours this time.

Blue Badge Training to Camp

A contingent of Middlesex Wing Cadets attended Summer Camp at MoD Boscombe for the period 29th July to 5th August 2017. As well as the usual, flying, swimming, section and of site visits all the Cadets had an opportunity to undertake Blue Communicator Badge training. The Middlesex Wing and Region Radio Officers travelled down to Boscombe Down to undertake a day’s Radio and Communications Training. All the Cadets undertook classroom training with plenty of on air time. As a result all the Cadets achieved the required standard and were awarded their badges accordingly.


Busy weekend at the RAC at RAF Halton

Over the weekend of 16 to 18 June, 13 Cadets from around the Region attended a Course at the Radio Training Facility. A selection of actives were on offer, ranging from a Air Cadet Amateur Radio Foundation Course for 10 Cadets and another 3 Cadets were on hand to assist with the domestic tasks of Tea making etc. During their spare time they were actively employed using the HF Radio.

The Foundation Class had classroom work during the day with the on air practice taking place late Saturday afternoon on the 5 Mhz experiment frequencies using the centre’s Air Cadet Callsign.

An exercise with the Civil Air Patrol was taking place over the weekend and the support team cadets took the opportunity to try and make contact. They made good use of propagation information on the Internet to select the best frequencies and used information from the blab chat service which had been set up to pass unclassified messages over the internet. Unfortunately due to radio propagation conditions no contacts were made.

Time was also allocated to allow the team to take part in the Amateur Radio International Museums on the Air Special event using Callsign GB4HTM. The Station represented the Trenchard Museum which is only a short distance from the Activity Centre at Halton.


May 2017 Spring Bank Holiday- a busy weekend for LaSER Radio

Sussex Wing Radio Communications Officer organised a LaSER Cadet Foundation Radio Course as part of the Silver Badge Module. The course was a great success with all candidates passing the Exam. The Cadets can now apply for a Amateur Radio Licence which will allow them to operate low power on the Amateur Bands!

The final tally was twelve Cadets passing and one Staff member. Ten of the Cadets also qualified for the Silver Communicators Badge. The remaining two Cadets will need to complete the Voice Operating Procedures module before they can wear the Silver Communicator Badge.