The Exercise Blue Ham Message form has been written by the RAFAC Cyber Team and may be used on the Exercise Blue Ham digital modes.

The Exercise Blue Ham Form is an automated template to be used in conjunction with FLDigi and may be accessed via the Exercise Blue Ham Form button below.

The down loaded form should be saved locally to your PC.

Using the RAFAC Exercise Blue Ham Message Form

FL Digi and Blue Ham Message Form should both be running.

  1. Enter ‘Your Callsign’ at this point the ‘Initial Call’ button will only generate an Alpha Charlie or CQ call.
  2. To use the message function, enter your station details. ‘Save Setting’ will store this information and ‘Load Settings’ will recall the information.
  3. ‘Format Message’ will create the message, which you can manually edit, this will permit the addition of free text to the message.
  4. ‘Send Message’ uploads the message to FL Digi and automatically completes the send process.
  5. Clearing the message form. Removing the ‘Other Callsign’ then using the ‘Format Message’ button will clear the message box.