Engaging with the amateur radio community on the UK MOD 5MHz (Shared) Band.

Exercise Hermia

17 – 21 JUNE 2024

Blue Ham exercises provide a platform to further develop Cadet radio operator skills and confidence by engaging with the Amateur radio community via the MOD 5MHz (Shared) Band enabling Cadet radio operators to gain experience of different radio operator techniques.

Cadet radio operators under supervision will exchange radio messages with Amateur radio operators in the UK and Europe.

Cadet radio operators from CCF, ACF and SCC units may also take part in Blue Ham exercises.

The is a Cadet parade night exercise, stations will be active between 1900 and 2100 hours LOCAL

Taking Part in Exercise Blue Ham

The 5 MHz band is available to UK Radio Amateurs with a Full licence. You should operate in accordance with the licence restrictions and within the designated band-plan. Receiving a Blue Ham station outside of the UK Radio Amateur band-plan does not give you permission to contact them.

International Radio Amateurs reading this page: please check to ensure your licence allows you to operate on the 5 MHz band. You must operate within the limitations of your licence and your country’s agreed band-plan. The United Kingdom’s 5 MHz band-plan operates over a larger area than WRC-15, and you may not have the ability to transmit on the same frequencies.

Contact the Blue Ham Team at:

blueham at alphacharlie dot org dot uk

A very useful guide for Amateur Radio Operators can be found at https://www.m0plt.me.uk/blueham.php