Exercise Blue Ham 21-1

The exercise is now closed, the Blue Ham 21-1 contact map and logs are available to view.

During the weekend of 20 & 21 March 2021 the Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC), CCF, ACF and SCC Callsigns look forward to operating with as many Radio Amateur Stations as possible during Exercise Blue Ham.

Exercise Blue Ham is a military style national radio exercise, one of several events RAFAC will be holding to mark the 80th Anniversary of Formation of the Air Training Corps in 1941.

We invite UK and European Amateur Radio Operators to take part and make this the biggest Cadet – Amateur radio exercise RAFAC has been involved in.

The exercise will take place on the UK MoD 5MHz (60 Meters) Shared Band and a significant part of the exercise will be on the section of the band that amateurs are authorised to operate.

The Cadet stations will operate using Voice and Data modes PSK31 on 5365 KHz,  JS8call on 5366.5 KHz and Olivia 16-500 on 5369 KHz from early on 20 March until late on 21 March 2021 on specific frequencies within the band. The active frequencies will be displayed under Comcen Status button on this page as the exercise is in progress. Amateur Operators can follow the exercise, check the Exercise Logs and active frequencies at:



 Cadet stations will operate on an allocated frequency. A message ‘Alpha Charlie, Alpha Charlie this …. over’, will be broadcast. This is the equivalent of a CQ call made by Amateur Radio Operators.

During a radio contact the information required to log a contact is your Callsign, Location, Transmitter Power, a Signal Report and Antenna Type and Direction.

The location should be your station Maidenhead Locator.

Cadet stations will change frequency as the exercise progresses, contacting a previously logged Callsign again on different frequencies can be logged as an additional contact.

The Exercise Blue Ham manager will issue Anniversary Certificates to amateur stations that contact 10 or more Cadet stations during the exercise.

To claim your certificate, E-Mail your callsign and a copy of your logbook to: