Use the online log book to enter your contacts. This will automatically work out your scores for competitions as well as the points for you WASP certificate.

On your first use you will have to use the Register link and create a login for your callsign. This needs to be an MOD style callsign not and Amateur Radio one.

After that you can log in and enter your logs and immediately see your scores.

If you enter the details for a contact and the station you contacted also logs it then you score double points (Except for WASP which is a total of callsigns contacted).

Yes, you could enter lots of false contacts, but this may trigger an investigation and cause you to lose operating privileges.

Click HERE to go to the RAFAC logbook

Click HERE for the Blue Ham Logbook

This will get you to the main score page.

After you log in you will get the a link to the log entry page.

You can then enter the details of the contact.

If you need to correct a contact after entering it, just click the link on the serial number.

If you want to enter contacts older than 30 days just put in the current date and then edit it.